Friendly Fire’s Ensemble - entertainment projects
(some of the many talents of our ensemble cast - always busy working to entertain!)

Jenny Pullon
Our resident dance instructor and choreographer. Jenny isn’t just hilarious, she’s a consummate professional in the world of dance. When not writing and performing comedy, she runs her own dance studio for people of all ages and abilities. If you’re looking to watch, learn or polish some moves, check out FP Dance Studio!

Rob Michaels
Looking to inject more comedy into your corporate world and day-to-day life? Check out Rob’s comedy company Wishful Genies! Enjoy their clips online or hire them to make funny Corporate videos for your business!

Jeannie Di Giacomo
In need of a contract writer to articulate your copywriting needs? On the hunt for an wordsmith and editor to help market your company through advertising, articling, or social media management? Jeannie has been a freelance Writer, Editor, and Content Creation Specialist for nearly 20 years! Check out her portfolio or send her a message discuss matching your needs to her skillset.

Steph Malek & Kyah Green
Involved in a number of shows out of a number of venues in the city (Songbusters, Sunday Night Live, D&D Live, Theatre Sports…), Steph and Kyah have launched their own entertainment company, The Cardboard Sword Collective. Interested in organizing a show, or comedy classes, trivia nights or other creative events? Check out their roster or contact the Collective!

Mike Mildon
Need a filmmaker, an film editor, a sketch doctor? Mike Mildon does it all - and constantly wins awards for it! Just look at his online portfolio. Did I mention he’s an apple farmer? (He’s not really - he simply doesn’t have time with all the comedy he’s making.)